Trump Will Die In Prison: Harry Litman Drops Stunning Statement On What Will Happen If Trump Loses

Former federal prosecutor Harry Litman made a startling prediction about former President Donald Trump’s future if he loses his third presidential bid on November 5. During an appearance on former Senator Al Franken’s podcast, Litman suggested that Trump could face the grim prospect of dying in prison if his appeals fail.

“If he doesn’t win, he has an appreciable chance of dying in prison,” Litman stated, prompting Franken to comment on the other legal cases pending against Trump. Litman affirmed, “The other cases are gonna happen.”

Trump, who has been charged with 88 felony counts across four state and federal criminal cases, could see these cases advance significantly if he loses the 2024 election.

Among the most notable cases is the election subversion case in Washington, D.C., where Trump is accused of conspiring to prevent the peaceful transfer of power following his 2020 defeat to Joe Biden, an event that culminated in the violent January 6 Capitol riot.

Another major case involves allegations that Trump obstructed federal efforts to retrieve classified documents he took from the White House, storing them in various locations at his Mar-a-Lago estate, including a ballroom, bathroom, office space, bedroom, and storage room.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to both sets of charges. However, Litman anticipates that Trump will have to “face the music” when he is interviewed ahead of his sentencing on July 11. “He has to sit down — and he’s a convict now — so he sits down in a grubby government office,” Litman explained.

“They will ask him about how he feels about the charges, and he’s gonna likely fulminate.”

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Litman expects this outburst will be documented in the pre-sentencing report, influencing the District Attorney’s recommendation for a substantial sentence.

“The DA will ask for a big sentence, say four to six months. Best guess: applying neutral principles that would apply to any average person, Merchan will give him a couple months,” he predicted.

Nonetheless, Litman noted that Trump would not face “hard time” immediately, if at all, as he is likely to exhaust all possible appeals. The appeals process could delay any significant jail time for years, allowing Trump to remain free while his cases wind through the courts.

If Trump manages to secure another term as president, Litman foresees a dramatic impact on the U.S. political and legal systems.

He believes Trump would feel empowered to “take a wrecking ball to the system any way he can,” potentially undermining established legal and democratic norms.

The outcome of the 2024 presidential election thus holds significant implications not just for Trump but for the broader legal landscape in the United States.

As Trump continues to campaign amidst his legal battles, the possibility of him facing prison time if he loses adds another layer of complexity to an already unprecedented situation in American political history….See More 

I Have Been Under Siege: Trump Drops Startling Statement During Interview


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