Besides Prostate Cancer and Diabetes, Here Are 3 Other Reasons Why Men Urinate Constantly

Frequent Urination can be so irritating especially when it disrupts your sleep, negatively affects your normal life by always making you visit the restroom more often than you should. Besides the fact that it is annoying, sometimes it could still be pointing at a very serious health condition.

But it is worthy to note that frequent or constant urination is not always as a result of severe diseases, sometimes it is due to something less severe and lifestyle related. In this article, we are going to have a look at very common reasons why men urinate constantly. If you are a man and you are experiencing frequent urination for any reason, do well to ask yourself whether you have violated or adopted a lifestyle that is quite strange and new using the guidance from this piece.

What Are The Other Reasons Why Men Experience Constant Urination?

1. Excess Alcohol Intake; this is one of the common reasons; i.e. not medically related reason why men experience constant urination. If you are a man and after a day’s lounging and enjoyment at the bar with friends, you get up numerous times to urinate, don’t bother or act strange. The reason for your constant urination is the excess alcohol you took. It’s your body’s way of getting rid of the fluid that alcoholic drinks are made of; so it’s nothing to worry about.

2. Weather; I know it will come as a surprise to you that weather also plays a huge role in the way and manner humans urinate. Yes, this is strange but very true. During cold weather after a heavy rain, the human body tends to remove urine more often because of the body’s temperature or as a reaction to the cold weather. If you don’t often experience constant urination and then suddenly you start urinating frequently on a certain day, check the weather and if it’s cold, be sure there is nothing wrong with you health wise. But if it persists, do well to visit a doctor for it to be checked.

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3. Bladder Stones; bladder stones develop when minerals in concentrated urine crystallize. Sometimes the bladder stones don’t pose any severe risk or symptoms but along the line they may irritate the bladder wall or block the flow of urine thus causing frequent urination or blood in urine……..See More 

If You Always Wake Up At Night To Urinate, Here Are 3 Possible Reasons Why


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