Trump’s Proud Boy Lands In Trouble On His Involvement In Jan 6 Attack, Slapped With Several Charges

Charges have been unsealed by the Department of Justice against a prominent Proud Boys leader, Jay Thaxton, who previously testified before Congress.

The charges include disorderly and disruptive conduct in restricted areas of the Capitol building, along with obstructing or impeding passage within Capitol grounds.

Thaxton’s involvement in the January 6th Capitol riot came to light as he was identified in photographs and videos, allegedly participating in breaching police lines by pushing and pulling on police bike racks.

These actions were documented in more than 30 photographs released by the DOJ, which tracked his movements within the Capitol complex.

The Proud Boys leader was initially arrested on January 6th for violating the city-imposed curfew, and later, in May 2021, he was brought in by the FBI for questioning regarding his activities during the riot.

During his testimony before the House Select Committee investigating January 6th, Thaxton provided insights into his chapter of the Proud Boys, including details about its organizational structure.

He mentioned that the group’s leadership operates under pseudonyms or “handles,” making it difficult to identify specific individuals.

The DOJ’s Statement of Facts paints a vivid picture of Thaxton’s involvement, detailing how he remained in close proximity to the police line before actively joining efforts by rioters to breach it.

Identified as “GreenGhoulGaiter” by citizen investigators, Thaxton wore distinctive attire, including a black gaiter with a green ghost symbol covering his mouth, during the events of January 6th.

Thaxton’s association with the Proud Boys in North Carolina has drawn attention in the past, with his group collaborating with other organizations known for their involvement in violent incidents, such as a QAnon march in the state.

As the legal proceedings unfold, Thaxton’s case underscores ongoing efforts by law enforcement to hold individuals accountable for their roles in the Capitol riot.

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The release of the DOJ’s Statement of Facts provides crucial evidence as authorities pursue justice in connection with the events of January 6th.

The repercussions of Thaxton’s charges extend beyond legal ramifications, reflecting broader scrutiny on extremist groups and their activities.

As investigations continue, the case serves as a reminder of the challenges posed by domestic extremism and the importance of addressing its underlying causes.

The unfolding developments surrounding Thaxton’s case will likely continue to garner public attention, shaping discussions around accountability, extremism, and the aftermath of the January 6th Capitol riot…..See More

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