Remembrance: See 36 Beautiful Childhood Photos Of Micheal Jackson (Photos)

Before He Became The King of Pop: Micheal Jackson Was A Little Boy.

11 years ago today, the world lost a one of the greatest musician of all time, Micheal Jackson.

Like his life, Michael Jackson’s death in 2009 dominated news bulletins around the world. As we remember him today, let’s take a look at some of his childhood photos and learn some interesting facts about the King of Pop.

1. Michael Jackson Was Born in Gary, Indiana

2. Elizabeth Taylor gave Michael the famous title ‘The King of Pop’

3. Michael Jackson Was the 8th of 10 Children

4. The Family Shared a 2 Bedroom House

5. Michael’s Mother Converted the Family to Jehovah’s Witnesses

6.Music Ran In the Family. Michael Jackson’s father, Joe, was a professional guitar player,

7. During a dance routine in 1979, Micheal Jackson slipped and landed on his face breaking his nose

8. Jackson Suffered Second Degree Scalp Burns Filming a Pepsi Commercial in 1984

9. Ronald Reagan Gave Jackson a Humanitarian Award

10. Michael Jackson went to his grave denying that he ever bleached his skin

11. Jackson’s Father, Joe, Was Physically and Emotionally Abusive

12. Micheal Jackson’s father ridiculed Him For His “Fat Nose” As a Child. This Lead to Michael’s Obsession With His Appearance

13. Michael Was Afraid of His Father He Would Often Vomit or Faint When Forced to Be Near Him.

14. Michael Jackson’s Father Would Watch His Children Rehearse With a Belt In Hand, and Whip Them for Any Error, Especially Michael Jackson As the Star of the Family

15.Jackson was known to be a spiritual person who believed in God.

16. Michael Jackson suffered from a skin disease called Vitiligo.






















On the 25th of June 2009, a  good heart stopped beating, a good soul ascended to another world. May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace…..CHECK MORE

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