Massive Election Scandal Exposed: 420,987 Mail In Ballots Confirmed To Be Stolen In Katie Hobbs Race

An election scandal of unprecedented magnitude has been uncovered, implicating 420,987 mail-in ballots as stolen in the race involving Katie Hobbs. In a shocking revelation, the Arizona Senate audit exposed a staggering election scandal, implicating Katie Hobbs and Adrian Fontes in a scheme involving stolen mail-in ballots.

In a tweet posted on Friday, May 24, 2024, the audit confirms what many feared: the exploitation of unverified mail-in ballot signatures, constituting the single greatest crime of the 2020 election and influencing the 2022 race.

Maricopa County, the epicenter of the controversy, saw a jaw-dropping 25% of all 2020 mail-in ballots—equating to a staggering 420,987 out of 1.9 million—confirmed to have no signature match.

This revelation has sent shockwaves through the state’s political landscape, raising questions about the integrity of the electoral process and the legitimacy of past results.


The implications of this scandal are profound, calling into question the very foundation of democracy.

With nearly half a million ballots potentially compromised, the integrity of countless elections hangs in the balance. The ramifications extend far beyond Arizona, casting doubt on the electoral processes nationwide.

Furthermore, the involvement of prominent figures like Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s Secretary of State, and Adrian Fontes, former Maricopa County Recorder, adds another layer of complexity to the scandal.

These individuals, entrusted with upholding the sanctity of the electoral system, now find themselves embroiled in allegations of misconduct and abuse of power.

The revelation of this election scandal comes at a time of heightened political tension, exacerbated by the events of January 6th, when the U.S. Congress certified what many describe as a criminal enterprise.

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The parallels between these events are striking, underscoring the urgent need for transparency, accountability, and reform within the electoral process.

Calls for a thorough investigation into the matter have intensified, with demands for those responsible to be held accountable for their actions.

The people of Arizona, and indeed the entire nation, deserve answers and justice in the face of such egregious violations of trust.

As the investigation unfolds, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on those implicated in the scandal. Katie Hobbs, Adrian Fontes, and others involved must cooperate fully with authorities and the public to uncover the truth and restore faith in the electoral system.

In the wake of this revelation, there is a renewed sense of urgency surrounding electoral reform.

The need for enhanced safeguards, rigorous oversight, and accountability measures has never been more apparent. The integrity of our democracy depends on it.

As Arizona grapples with the fallout from this election scandal, one thing remains clear: the pursuit of truth and justice must be unwavering. Anything less would be a betrayal of the very principles upon which our democracy stands….See More

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