Governor Sim Fubara Declares “The Worst Is Over” Following Appeal Court Ruling

Governor Sim Fubara has declared that “the worst is over” for his administration, DAILY POST reported.

This statement came in response to the Appeal Court ruling that reinstated the 27 lawmakers of the Rivers State House of Assembly.

Addressing journalists in Khana, Khana Local Government Area, on Friday, Governor Fubara expressed his unwavering commitment to good governance despite the challenges faced by his administration.

He emphasized his faith and confidence in God’s guidance, drawing inspiration from a biblical passage.

“I know that a lot of you will be wondering what is going on and all that. Government has its own challenges. If you go to the Book of Psalms, 23 verse 5, in the Bible, it says that God prepares a table before you; it can be before anybody. But there is an underlined word that should be noted there: it says ‘in the presence of your enemies.’ So, it means that nothing comes easy,” Fubara remarked.

The governor reassured the people of Rivers State that his administration remains steadfast in its mission to deliver on its promises.

“I want to assure every one of you and the good people of Rivers State that we are not deterred. We have made our promises, and we will continue to give you good governance, no matter how difficult it is,” he stated.

Fubara expressed optimism about the future, indicating that the state was moving forward with renewed vigor.

“But, like I said before, the worst is over. We are moving on to ensure that we continue to provide what is needed for the development of our state,” Fubara added.

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The Appeal Court’s decision to reinstate the 27 lawmakers is seen as a crucial step in stabilizing the political environment in Rivers State, allowing the governor and his team to focus on governance and development initiatives.

Governor Fubara’s declaration is expected to bolster confidence among citizens and stakeholders in the state’s leadership and its ability to overcome challenges…..See More


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