Fubara: As We Speak, There Is No Window For The Governor To Spend Taxpayers Money – Martin Amaewhule

The governor of Rivers State, Governor Fubara, is currently under intense scrutiny for failing to present the appropriation bill to the Rivers State House of Assembly. This failure has significant implications for the state’s governance and financial management. According to the constitution, the governor is mandated to present the appropriation bill, a crucial element for the legal expenditure of taxpayers’ money.

Governor Fubara’s delay in presenting the bill has raised concerns among lawmakers. Martin Amaewhule, a prominent member of the House of Assembly, emphasised the gravity of the situation by stating, “As we speak, there is no window for the governor to spend taxpayers’ money.” This statement underscores the urgency of the matter and the potential legal repercussions for the governor’s inaction.

Amaewhule further highlighted that the governor has failed in his duty and oath of office by not presenting the appropriation bill to the House of Assembly. “The governor of Rivers State has failed in his duty, in his oath of office, to present the appropriation bill to the Rivers State House of Assembly. He has failed to do so up till this date,” he asserted. This failure violates Section 121 of the constitution, which mandates the governor to present the appropriation bill.

In addition, Section 122 of the constitution provides a window for the governor to spend money in the absence of an appropriation law, but this window is limited to six months. Amaewhule pointed out that this six-month period has long since elapsed, having ended on 30th June. “Honourable members, the six-month window allowed to the governor has since elapsed on the 30th day of June,” he reminded the assembly. This means that any expenditure by the governor beyond this period is unconstitutional.

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Watch the video from 0:56

The House of Assembly is now tasked with informing the government of all constitutional infractions committed by the governor. Amaewhule concluded by stressing the importance of addressing these issues: “So, what we are saying is that, having since the court have taken that position, this house will inform the government of all the infractions on the constitution, judgment of the court of appeal, judgment of the high court that he is committing against the laws in the state.” The situation calls for immediate corrective action to ensure that the state’s governance and financial practices comply with constitutional requirements……See_More


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