Rivers: Court Takes Decisions On Pro-Wike’s Lawmakers Appeal, Prohibits Any Other Court Intervention

In a recent development, the Court of Appeal in Abuja has deferred its decision on the appeal lodged by Martin Amaewhule and 24 other members of the Rivers State House of Assembly against Speaker Victor Oko-Jumbo and five others, as reported by Channels TV.

The case, which challenges a high court ruling declaring their seats vacant, was adjourned following the adoption of briefs by all parties.

During the virtual proceedings on Thursday, Amaewhule and his associates urged the court to stop the execution of the high court’s judgment and suspend further proceedings in the case.

They also sought to nullify any decisions made by Jumbo while in office, arguing that the initial court order lacked jurisdiction.

In response, Amaewhule’s legal team urged the court to dismiss the appeal on grounds of incompetent records of appeal transmitted.

The three-judge panel led by Justice Jimi Olukayode-Bada reserved judgment, promising to notify all concerned parties of the decision at a later date.

The Court had earlier issued an interim order on June 14, instructing all parties to maintain the status quo and refrain from any confrontational actions until a final ruling is made.

The legal dispute came from a Rivers State High Court decision on May 10, 2024, which prohibited Martin Amaewhule from identifying himself as Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly.

The ruling also barred 24 other assembly members from accessing legislative premises or engaging in official legislative duties.

Following this ruling, Amaewhule and his colleagues turned to the Court of Appeal seeking to overturn the high court’s decision.

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They argued that the ruling was unjust and asked for a speedy resolution of the matter.

The Court of Appeal further prohibited any other court, including the State High Court, from intervening in the matter pending its own decision….See More 

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