2 Things That Are Making The Youths Use And Abuse Mkpuru Mmiri That Need To Be Tackled

For the past few weeks, methamphetamine Hydrochloride popularly known as “Crystal Meths, Ice or Mkpuru Mmiri” in the Igbo language has been trending on social media platforms after Igbo communities started flogging youths who are caught in the act of using the hard drugs as a punishment for it.

However, since the issue has been trending online, many people have been commending the “cane deliverance” method used by the task force on the abusers but no one is paying much attention to what needs to be tackled to reduce the abuse by other youths.

I will be sharing with you my opinion on the 2 things that are making the youths use and abuse mkpuru mmiri that need to be tackled by Igbo people.


1. Peer Pressure: One of the most leading reasons why many youths in the world have abused drugs and got addicted is because of peer pressure from their mates mostly on the streets and schools.

An educational system needs to be introduced that will be used to educate the youths on the dangers of using methamphetamine hydrochloride (mkpuru mmiri). This way, they will know its dangers and be able to run away from it when it is introduced to them by their peers.

2. Unemployment: The second reason why youths in different parts of the world abuse drugs including mkpuru mmiri are due to high rates of unemployment amongst the youths.

In one of the viral videos of youths being flogged by a task force against mkpuru mmiri in Igbo land, some youths revealed that they are doing such activities because they don’t have any job and asked for help to get one.

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The Igbo people need to tackle the rate of unemployment as well to reduce and stop the youths from having the time to use drugs. If they have something they are engaged in, they wouldn’t have time to be hiding around to take drugs….. CHECK MORE

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