I Told My Wife That We Were Not Going To Live In Government House But In Our Private House’ -Shaibu

Philip Shaibu, who served as the immediate past deputy governor of Edo State, recently recounted a discussion in which he told his wife that he was afraid they might be evicted from the Edo state government house because of an impending dispute.

Even though his wife had advised him to pray about his fears, he said that seven years later he was in exactly the same predicament he had predicted. Moving his office away from Government House, the building that had been his main point of contact with the governor, he said, highlighted the growing gulf between them.

Philip Shaibu was removed from his post at the Edo State government house on September 18, 2023. On Monday morning, he arrived at the government residence to find the gate leading to his office shut with chains and heavy padlocks. At that time, Shaibu claimed that he had been unaware that his office had been moved outside of the government residence. His aides and he were never formally informed that he should move, he asserted. But the chief security officer at the presidential residence explained that Obaseki had specifically requested that Philip Shaibu leave him alone.

He said in an interview with Punch, ”I told my wife that we were not going to live in the Government house but in our private house. So that when there was a fight, I wouldn’t be told to pack my things out of the government house because it would be disgraceful.

She asked me why I felt that way and I told her I had a premonition that all would not be well. My wife said we should pray about it but seven years later, what I predicted happened. Imagine looking for a vehicle to pack our belongings out of the government house. My office was relocated out of the government house which was the only thing connecting the governor and me…..See More

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I Told My Wife That We Were Not Going To Live In Government House But In Our Private House’ -Shaibu


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