Exchange Rate: Nigerians Are Seeing The Evidence Of Our Work Now – Ajuri Ngelale

The Tinubu government is said to have paid off a $7 billion debt that was left over from the former administration of Muhammadu Buhari and to have stabilized the exchange rate. Ajuri Ngelale, Special Assistant to President Bola Tinubu on Media and Publicity, made this statement during an interview.

Speaking on the Federal Government’s strategy for economic recovery, he emphasized the significance of forging a solid alliance between the public and private sectors.

During a TVC News interview, Ngelale emphasized that economic managers at all governmental levels are actively participating in President Tinubu’s efforts to create a collaborative atmosphere.

He stressed that the president is dedicated to incorporating the private sector into economic efforts in a consistent and sustainable manner.

Ngelale asserted that this strategy is essential for promoting economic expansion and guaranteeing that the public and private sectors make meaningful contributions to the advancement of the country.

Ngelale outlines that one of the main components of President Tinubu’s approach is the involvement of well-known individuals from the commercial sector.

According to him, influential businessmen like Tony Elumelu and Alhaji Aliko Dangote are integral parts of the government’s economic strategies.

Ngelale clarified that the resources and incomparable experience that these giants of business bring to the table are critical for carrying out successful economic strategies.

In Ajuri Ngelale’s words, “In recent times, we have not had a total unification of the exchange rates, and Nigerians are seeing the evidence of our work now.”

You can watch the footage below from 1:08 minutes.

“The exchange rate is now stable, and we have paid off the $7BN debt owed by the previous government. We have a totally different picture based on the hard work that has been done by this president in this administration……See_More

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