I Am Happy That The Senate President Prevented Cows From Becoming Citizens Of Nigeria–Yemi Farounbi

According to the report from the Tribune, a Nigeria’s former Ambassador to the Philippines, Dr Yemi Farounbi expressed satisfaction with the Senate President’s decision to block a proposal that would have granted citizenship rights to cows, emphasizing the importance of ensuring justice, fairness, and equity for all Nigerians.

He highlighted the potential benefits of this decision, including peace, rapid development, and prosperity, while cautioning that those who currently benefit from the status quo should not expect their advantages to last indefinitely.

He argued that ongoing calls for nation-states, IPOB, and other separatist movements stem from the lack of justice and equity embedded in the military-imposed constitution.

He said, “I’m happy that the Senate President prevented cows from becoming citizens of Nigeria. It will only ensure that Nigerians are treated justly, fairly and equitably. And we are going to have peace; we are going to have rapid development and prosperity. But those who are benefitting must know that they will not benefit forever because those who are handicapped will not keep quiet forever, and so long as they keep on agitating to have equal benefit with those who are today advantaged by the military-imposed constitution, there would be imbalance and there will be clamour for nation-state, there will be clamour for IPOB, there will be clamour for Islamic State of West Africa, there would be clamour for Islamic State of Greater Sahara etc. All these clamours are products of lack of justice and equity……Sée Moré

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