You Should Be Ashamed Of What Is Happening In Abia State – Amah Tells Peter Obi

Abraham Amah, a vice chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has criticized the Abia State administration led by the Labour Party due to his severe concerns about the treatment of public personnel and infrastructure projects.

Amah is obviously extremely unhappy with the current administration based on his severe criticism. The fact that the administration has removed permanent secretaries without holding a public inquiry raises red flags in Amah’s eyes, and he is angry because this shows a lack of transparency and accountability on their part. The governor of Abia State was “profoundly ashamed” by Amah’s direct response to recent events in an interview with Punch.

Peter Obi, the LP presidential candidate, has shown Nigerians what kind of leadership they can expect if elected, according to the PDP leader, who pointed out that the government’s decision to fire over 15,000 employees without providing a reason or following proper procedures is a clear example of this If Abia State is a sample of the kind of government people expect Peter Obi to bring in Nigeria, then they are a total failure,” he remarked. But Amah isn’t only concerned about the treatment of government workers. Healthcare, education, energy, and security are some of the sectors he feels are vital to the public’s well-being, yet they are underfunded. His query was rhetorical: “What is good about this government?” according to him.

“They have done nothing to create jobs; they do nothing to support and improve businesses and the standard of living of the people.” The PDP chieftain went on to criticize the government for being secretive and avoiding responsibility, pointing out that no public inquiry into the reasons for the mass firings has occurred. Even the permanent secretaries were placed on administrative leave by this administration. “They fired them a year later without informing the public,” said Amah……Seê _ Morē 


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