If PDP Breaks Don’t Blame Atiku For Going With 70% Of Members – Group

A pro-Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on the platform of PDP Reform Congress (PRC) has warned the leaders of the main opposition party not to blame the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar if the party eventually break.

The group said the obvious indiscipline in the party will not evaporate without a deliberate decision and action of the party leadership and its critical stakeholders.

In a statement released Sunday in Abuja, signed by its national president, Hon. Adekanbi Nurudeen, said the impending break up and total dismantling of the Peoples Democratic Party is imminent, “no thanks to both the internal and external influences aided by the irresponsible National Working Committee of the party under its Acting National Chairman, Ambassador Iliya Umar Damagun.

“There are members of the PDP who go roughshod against the spirit of the party and the leaders of our party flagrantly refuse to intervene and rescue the PDP from the grip hold of fifth columnists.

“A situation whereby the National Working Committee of the party has become lame duck, deliberately turning blind eyes to the yearning of the party members; and doing the biddings of selfish, compromised members leaves nothing to write home about.

“The insolence of some members against what is generally perceived to be in the interest of the party keeps getting worse and threatens the survival chances of the party.

“It is also very troubling that other statutory organs of the party, such as the National Executive Committee, the National Caucus and the Board of Trustees have not only  become weak and clearly bereft of the courage and grit which leaders of the party in times past were known for.

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“However, nobody should make any mistake: if the party finally breaks up today, not less than 70 percent of the party members will follow Atiku to wherever he goes.

“If Atiku decides to stay back in the PDP he will have the majority; if he decides to leave the party, he will move with the majority; if he decides to go into alliance with these huge numbers , he wil carry the day, regardless of what Tinubu’s agents in the PDP are determined to do.”

The statement said majority of the PDP supporters believe in Atiku as a man who has the capacity to rebuild the nation and reorganise the party.

“They believe he has the capacity to face the twin-monster of both the APC and the incumbency of Tinubu; they believe he is the only prepared leader for the office of President; they trust in his ability to unite Nigeria because of his experience and vast network even beyond Nigeria; they believe he can rebuild and manage the economy better and address the plight of the Nigerian youths.

“They have seen that those working against the progress of the party are doing so for their own selfish interests and to pave way for Tinubu in 2027.

“This is a note of warning to party leaders both within and outside the party working hard to weaken and destroy the PDP for Tinubu that their calculations is bound to fail……See_More


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