What Kind Of Creature Is This? See The Mysterious Creature That Was Found In Philippines (Photos)

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Have you seen such animal before I think the answer’s is NO such animal have not been recorded before and we have know idea of what kind of fish or creature is this.

The ocean is bigger then what you can think of we find new creatures every day under the ocean that we have no clue about.

This creatures was found in Philippines by some fisherman that went hurting for source of income and saw this scary creature it have some types of conditions that it may not be listed as a fish. We can’t tell if we call it a fish or something else.

This creature look like a sea elephant and also weight many pounds the creature have two hands, flat head, popped nose also white and have a tail that enable it swim in the ocean.

This creature also have some kind of look like a pig so funny right a pig and baby elephant at same time.

This creature attract many people around to see such amazing thing because it have not been seen before or record any where in the world. Know one can tell the name of the creature as we speak…….See More

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