Get Me Ten Pastors And Ten Imams, Nine And Half Of Them Are Thieves–Adebayo Orire

According to the report from the Sun, a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress in Ekiti State, Dr Adebayo Orire has painted a bleak picture of corruption in Nigeria, particularly among religious leaders, warning that the country’s future is at stake if the current trend of moral decay continues.

He highlighted the lack of integrity among members of the clergy, suggesting that 90% of them are driven by greed and self-interest.

He bemoaned the misuse of modern technology in Nigeria, pointing out that while the country has made progress in technological development, it has failed to leverage the power of technology to monitor and combat corruption at local levels, thereby perpetuating the cycle of mismanagement and underdevelopment.

He said, “Get me ten pastors and ten imams, nine and half of them are thieves, whereas in those days when you mention the name Bishop, we will bow down our heads in my village. We must not deceive ourselves, if we continue this way we are killing this country for ourselves, for our children’s children. Our children are going on Japa, they are going to develop other places and this place will remain undeveloped. Tell me an area that is better. Technology yes, we are using the wrong side of information technology. We cannot even monitor this small Ado-Ekiti….See More

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