You Are Slowly Damaging Your Brain When Doing These 8 Things

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Today we will be talking about some specific propensities that puts the brain  at danger and threat.


The human brian is one of the biggest and most complex organs in the human body.

In this article I will give you 6 things that can gradually harm our brain:

6. Playing Loud Music with Earphones or Headphones Can Cause Loss of Memory;

A few people are found of tuning in to music at an extremely high volume, they will build the volume to the most elevated while the melody is on, it is absolutely off-base. Tuning in to music at a high volume with your headphones or earphones may harm your hearing capacities forever. It can bring about some brain issues, for example, loss of memory and harm to your cerebrum tissue in the coming future.


5. Smoking of Cigarettes

Exploration have demonstrated that smoking doesn’t just aim liver or lung harm it likewise influences the brain. Cigarettes contain addictive nicotine which makes the brain contract. Mind shrinkage is caused because of smoking and over the top admission of nicotine. In other words on the off chance that you are dependent on smoking, you are placing your brain in danger.

4. Over the top Sugar Consumption:

Too much intake of sugar can affect the brain once your sugar level is too high things might start working out the way you don’t plan.

3. Remaining in Poorly Ventilated Area:

The mind requires good level of oxygen to work. As per research four minutes less of oxygen to the brain prompts demise right away. So remaining in an inadequately Ventilated territory for a significant stretch of time can influence the usefulness of the brain


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2. Insufficient Water Intake:

As we as a whole realize that 80% of the brain is water. Brain  needs enough water to think quicker and concentrate better. Along these lines, it’s significant that you remain hydrated constantly. Drinking water will profit both your body and mind to work better. A few people don’t care for drinking water, they possibly drink water when they are so thirsty, it is deductively off-base! You drink water at all time not just when you feel dry out, so the brain  needs more water.


1. Deficient Sleeping and Excessive Thinking;

A few investigates have uncovered that the brain decontaminates itself of poisons just during the profound rest cycle. Absence of rest can cause synapses, which can prompt hindered memory and decreased capacities. A few people over work their mind during the day and finally get not many rest, it is thoroughly off-base; after the day’s action, you should offer chance to rest enough so your brain can work better……...See More


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