Wonders Shall Never End: See What Was Discovered In My Village When I Traveled Home (Photos)

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I understand things are complicated now and it seems inflation is hitting us badly most people don’t even care again how they want to make money, they just want money illegal or legal.

As of December when I went to visit my village i discovered something that is shocking.

I saw a group of people going in some direction and I ask what was wrong I was informed that human skull and some bone with a box and spoiled laptop was discovered in that location in the forest.

Is some how scaring I asked myself what really happen here because things items alone look very scarring to me.

I won’t mention the name of my village for some reasons but everyone need to be really careful this period of time.

Maybe they did a sacrifice so they will be rich or make money it look like a yahoo stuff something to get more incomes and be rich.

Here is the picture of items I snapped to show you all:

Please everyone should be careful this period and mind your steps also be careful who you visit at the village or where ever you are at this period of time…………See More

I Followed My Wife To Her Village, And in the Morning I Met This Old Woman Outside See What Happened

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