Women: Habits That Could Cause Your Breasts To Fall

Having breasts that droop as you get older is quite natural. Breast tissue in women shows indications of aging on average 2.3 years before the rest of their bodies do, according to a recent UCLA study.

Although age-related breast enlargement is unavoidable, the rate at which it occurs varies widely between individuals and is affected by a number of lifestyle choices. According to Healthline, genetics and pregnancy are the two most important factors in determining whether or not a woman’s breasts will sag more than she would like. However, there are some lifestyle choices that can help women reduce this risk (causes of breast sagging and solutions).

1. Wearing bad bras.

According to MedicalNewsToday. You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s worth repeating: toss out that old, saggy bra and invest in something that will actually keep your bust in place. Having your breasts move about and spill out of your shirt is a sure sign that you haven’t found the proper-sized bra.

2. Poor posture.

Slouching can have an adverse effect on the appearance of your breasts because of the strange positions they are forced into. To improve your posture, try sitting or standing taller and rolling your shoulders back.

3. Smoking.

The loss of skin elasticity common among smokers is widely known. Breast skin that doesn’t get enough blood becomes prematurely brittle and wrinkled.

4. Skimping on sunscreen.

To prevent premature aging, collagen strain, and skin damage, never let the newborn go outside into direct sunlight. Use two layers of sunscreen (and a daily moisturizer, if they aren’t already) and seek shade whenever feasible to prevent UV damage to their sloping breasts.

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5. Eating fatty foods.

Eating plenty of doughnuts, chips, and candy will likely increase your bust size and make your stomach and bottom softer than you’d like. Worried about gaining weight in your breasts as you get older? Cut back on the number of snacks you eat between meals.

6. Lack of exercising.

If you don’t work out, you risk having sagging breasts. There is a common misconception that doing chest exercises on a daily basis will help you keep your breasts firm. You may strengthen your upper body without adding bulk by doing light weight sets or yoga positions…..See_More 


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