Why You Should Never Finance A Woman Education With The Impression She’s Going To Get Married To You

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Some men fall under this category of sending a woman they have crush on to school or finance her education having the impression that the woman will get married to him after down with school and later get hurt broken if things don’t work out as planned.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Train A Woman In School With The Impression She’s Going To Marry You. 

1She might fall in love with another man her heart beat for. You sending a woman to school or financing her education those not give you the right she will get married to you.

As a man is best you know this and know peace the woman might end up loving another person her heart beat for and not you.

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2. If you want to finance a woman eduction don’t do it in the name she’s going to pay you back. Nobody forced you too you did it because of love nothing more so don’t wait for her to pay you back or you think you can control her life because you rather her a favour things might get complicated.

3. You might be heart broken we are all humans and at times we take decisions that might hurt the other person without minding of feeling their pain.

The person you think that won’t disappoint you might be the one that will shame you. Don’t expect to get something in return when helping someone leave them to decide help from your positive mindset not because you are waiting to get something in return.

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4. Is only your wife that owe you anything or favour it is best you finance a woman eduction when she’s your wife. Don’t end up spending money on a girlfriend education because you will like to marry her the only woman you can finance her education or cross limit to make them happy is your wife and daughter not a girlfriend. It a relationship and things might get complicated or love dies off and you end up losing her and your money.

5. She might be using you some women are tricky and can do anything to get a man attention for her own interest not because she loves you. Such women can use your money to finance themselves in school buy expensive cloths, phone, houses once they are done using you they dump you and move to the next man. The only woman that deserve your finances and help is your wife and daughter not your girlfriend.

If you love a woman with all your heart and want to marry her it is best you get married to her before financing her education if you don’t want to hear stories that touches the heart.

Many men have being tricked or used in the name of relationship if you want to finance a woman in school do it without expecting something in return or marriage because things might not work as you planned.

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