Which State In Nigeria Was Colonized By Britain Before The Rest Of The Country

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The Federal Republic of Nigeria gained independence from Britain on the 1st of October, 1960. It is important to point out that Nigeria has developed into a very important country within the African continent. Let us carefully identify the state in Nigeria that was colonized by Britain before the rest of the country.

1. Lagos State

This Day Newspaper reports that Lagos officially became a British colony on the 6th of August, 1861. However, The Guardian reports that Britain invaded Lagos in the year 1851.

Lagos State was Colonized by Britain before other states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is due to the fact that Britain gained full control of Nigeria after the Berlin Conference in 1885. This information has been confirmed by the British Broadcasting Corporation. The British Broadcasting Corporation also reports that other parts of Nigeria officially became a British colony after the Berlin conference of 1885. It should be said that the Berlin Conference lasted from November, 1884 to February, 1885…………..See More

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