When They Entered, The Wife Called Me On Phone Saying They Had Entered Their House-Benedicta Odeigba

Following the murder of the retired Army General Uwem Udokwere at his home in Sunshine Home Estate in Abuja, Benedicta Odeigba, the Vice Chairman of the Estate, has revealed that the general’s wife called her during the attack, seeking assistance.

According to the report by Premium Times on Monday, the 70-year-old general was stabbed to death by unknown robbers who invaded his home, leaving his wife and security guards helpless.

Mrs Odeigba said that the general’s wife told her that this was the third time the robbers had entered the house using the same route, and that she had previously reported hearing suspicious sounds.

She said that the robbers had attacked the security guard, Ihakuo Umar, while he was attempting to intervene.

She said that Umar demonstrated bravery by running towards the scene, but was unaware of the robbers hiding in the gutter.

According to Mrs Odeigba, the security guard was tied, dragged, and dumped in a security tank near the deceased’s home, with his mouth taped to prevent him from shouting.

The robbers then proceeded to stab the retired general to death.

She said, “When they entered, the wife called me on the phone saying they had entered their house. This is the third time they would attack the house using the same route, the fence.

“Maybe two weeks ago or something, the wife still called me that they were hearing sounds of some people jumping down from the fence.”

Speaking further, she said, “After the woman’s call, I didn’t hear from her again. They hid around while some of them entered.”

Meanwhile, the police have arrested four suspects in connection with the killing of the retired Army General.

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It was reported that the suspects have confessed to the crime….Séé Moré

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