When All Of Us Were Worried About Killings In S’West, Tinubu Went And Asked Where Are The Cows?- GRV

The Labour Party’s gubernatorial candidate for the 2023 Lagos State governorship elections, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, has criticized the Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, for his response to his concerns about the state’s environmental issues.

According to the report by Arise News on Saturday, Rhodes-Vivour had tweeted a video of a canal overgrown with weeds, stressing the need for clearance to ensure free flow of water.

In response to the comment, Wahab had dropped the comment, “Eventually, you will be fine.”

Rhodes-Vivour expressed his disappointment with Wahab’s comment, saying that the Commissioner’s response showed a lack of concern for the state’s environmental issues.

Rhodes-Vivour accused the government of prioritizing personal wealth over serving the people.

He cited examples of President Tinubu’s and Governor Sanwo-Olu’s responses to sensitive issues in the past.

He emphasized that Lagos State deserves better and that he will continue to hold the government accountable for their actions.

He said, “Unfortunately, now they have to pretend like they care. And this goes from the very top. I mean, when all of us were worried about the killings that were happening in the South-West, President Tinubu went and asked where are the cows.

“When we were so worried about the hundred and twenty bodies, EndSARS, and we were putting pressure on Sanwo-Olu to account for it, he said we should get over it.

“So, when the Commissioner says eventually I will be fine, I am fine. Lagos is not fine. And this mentality that you’ll be okay, you know, we’re an afterthought.

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“But unfortunately, now they have to deal with that. And I’ll say it to the Commissioner, I’m not going anywhere, I want a Lagos that works for everybody.”

When asked if he thought the Commissioner’s response was politically motivated, Rhodes-Vivour dismissed the notion, saying that he was simply pointing out the need for the Commissioner to do his job.

He said that clearing the canal was a basic responsibility and not a political issue…..See More


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