When A Woman Starts Visiting You, Never Do These 5 Things No Matter How You Love Her

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There are some things you should not do as a man. If you notice some female friends do visit you on a daily basis, it will be best you take these pieces of advice for your own good, so you won’t land yourself into trouble or take incorrect steps that might hurt you or lead to distractions.

The truth is that women rarely visit a guy unless she has some mutual friendship with you or she likes you. At times it might be because she’s falling in love with you, or she enjoys your company.

But as a man, you have to be very careful so you won’t land yourself in trouble.

Here Are 5 Things You Should Never Do If A Woman Comes To visit You At Your Home.

1. Don’t Allow Her To Sleep Over In Your House

We know men like it when a woman passes the night in their house, especially when a man is single. But a woman sleeping over your house might be dangerous as far as she’s not your wife or girlfriend.

There are some things that can occur in the night that you might not face alone or understand the dangers of sharing bed and room with someone that is not your wife.

She might get sick in the night or suffer from other complicated issues while sleeping or spending the night at your house, and if something happens to hear people would not like to give you a listening ear. It is best you tell your female visitors to go home as soon as it is getting dark.

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2. Never Allow Her Bring Her Property Into Your House. 

It is not nice to allow a woman to move her properties into your house when she’s not your wife. And it is not a good idea at all, even if she’s your girlfriend. If a woman starts moving, her properties to your house bit by bit, it is best to call her attention and say no to it.

This is something you should avoid only when you are married. You can live with your wife in the same house, not your girlfriend.

You might restrict your freedom and also come to hate the woman she is, even if she’s your girlfriend because you might notice some habit you don’t like in her.

3. Never Give Her A Spare Key To Your House.

No matter how good and perfect that relationship or friendship is, never give a woman a spare key to your house, deny that privilege if you want a long-lasting relationship.

Because such privilege might make her feel like the second owner of the house and some how controlling who comes into the house, or not, and this might have a negative effect on your relationship.

4. Don’t Rape Her.

Some men abuse women or rape them because they try to spend some time with you in your room. Never rape a woman, it is a bad offense to force yourself on a woman. If she says no, don’t force your way in.

5. Ask Her Out.

If you have a particular woman that always visits you and feel comfortable staying at your home all the time, if you like her type of woman, it is best to ask her out, that is if you want to build a relationship with her.

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