What Husbands Should Not Do During Pregnancy..

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When a woman is pregnant, she needs all the help she can get to successfully pass through this phase. Husbands need to make the lives of their pregnant wives easier by putting in intentional efforts in various ways. 

In this article, you will learn what husbands should not do during pregnancy. You will also learn how to provide emotional support and prevent common mistakes that people make during pregnancy.

4 tips for husbands during pregnancy

When couples get married, it is important to mention that they are jointly responsible for what occurs in the marriage. This goes for the entire process of raising a child. Here are some of the roles of husbands during pregnancy

1. Get educated

One of the important roles that husbands need to play is understanding more about what their wives go through during pregnancy. They should know their wives will experience physical, hormonal, nutritional, and emotional changes.

study by Maryam Nazir and other authors highlights the importance of education during pregnancy.

2. Be sensitive to her needs

Husbands should understand that their pregnant wives will have needs that may be new to them. Husbands need to respond with kindness and make their wives feel loved. They should avoid being unloving to their spouses, as this is what husbands should not do during pregnancy.

3. Support her

One of the things a husband should not do during pregnancy is to leave her without support. Pregnant women need all the help they can get to overcome fear and uncertainties. She needs someone to remind her that she can survive her journey.

4. Be flexible with your schedule

Regarding what husbands should do during pregnancy, they need to be flexible with their plans. There might be emergencies demanding your prompt attention or presence, and you have to change your plans. Being flexible with your time helps you to be there for your pregnant wife.

3 common myths about pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, knowing the correct dos and don’ts will go a long way to ensuring the health and safety of the baby and mother. Here are some popular myths about pregnancy.

1. Exercising shouldn’t be done during pregnancy

Workouts are great for the baby and mom, but they should be done under supervision. They might be unable to participate in all workouts to avoid health issues or complications.

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2. Traveling isn’t great for pregnancy

Pregnant women are allowed to travel but are likely to feel more comfortable during the early and middle stages of pregnancy. However, some airlines prevent women from traveling in the late stages of pregnancy.

3. You are feeding two humans

When eating as a pregnant woman, the goal should be to eat healthily and not to overfeed. Excess weight gain can make pregnant women prone to hypertension and diabetes.

4 things to avoid saying to a pregnant person

Using insensitive words can be a major problem that adversely affects pregnancy. Husbands should know how to communicate better with their pregnant wives to help them feel better.

Here are some words or things husbands should never say to a pregnant woman

1. I know how you feel

Not all women like hearing this because they are solely responsible for knowing how they feel.

2. You look bigger/fatter

On what husbands should not do during pregnancy, talking about her size should be on the list. Rather, keep reminding her how much she is loved.

3. Why do you keep crying

Instead of questioning her on why she keeps crying, draw her close, comfort her, and tell her that she will be victorious at the end of this challenging phase.

4. Your pregnancy has taken too long

It is a known fact that pregnancy isn’t a short-term occurrence. Don’t remind your wife of how long her pregnancy is taking.

Check this study by Abiodun Adeniran and other authors to understand the Male Partner’s Role during Pregnancy, Labour, and Delivery.

6 health and lifestyle activities for pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you probably have heard different pieces of advice that will ensure safe delivery. Here are some health and lifestyle activities that may be useful to pregnant wives and husbands.

1. Avoid toxins completely

What husbands should not do during pregnancy includes preventing their wives from taking substances with toxins. These substances are largely responsible for pregnancy complications; they include drugs, alcohol, etc.

2. See a nutritionist

A pregnancy nutritionist provides adequate support, ensuring you take the best meals in ideal quantities for you and your baby. This helps to improve your sleep, boost energy levels, and prevent pregnancy complications.

3. Take water regularly

During pregnancy, water is pivotal in supplying the baby with essential nutrients and oxygen via the placenta. It also helps with the elimination of waste substances like carbon dioxide.

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4. Get sufficient time to rest

Concerning what husbands should know about pregnancy, it is that much rest is required for the woman because when the child comes, it might be difficult to get good sleep.

5. Go for regular checkups

Pregnancy can be overwhelming, which makes checkups important. It is vital to always go for checkups with or without experiencing any symptoms or health issues.

6. Emotional care and understanding

Pregnant women experience various emotions, and husbands need to offer them care and attention. Husbands can offer emotional care by attending antenatal classes, helping them prepare meals, speaking encouraging words, etc.

Preparing for parenthood with your spouse

The parenthood journey should not be navigated alone, as both parties need to be present to make the process less complicated. Here are some tips on how to prepare for parenthood with your spouse.

1. Work on a birth plan

A birth plan is an outline of your wishes during labor and delivery. Even though you don’t follow your birth plan to the letter, it helps you make the right decisions during labor and delivery.

A birth plan may include where you want to have your baby, who should be with you for support, pain relief alternatives, preferred types of examinations, frequency of checkups, etc.

2. Learn more about pregnancy

A husband and pregnant wife need to be intentional about learning about pregnancy to be more prepared. The learning process allows the couple to answer some of their concerns and questions about pregnancy, which is one of the things to do when your wife is pregnant.

3. Consider outsourcing house duties

It might be difficult to handle everyday household tasks. Hence, it may be advisable to outsource some of them while you do the critical ones. During household chores, your wife may be exposed to some chemicals that might not be good for her and the child.

4. Join a community

Pregnant wives and their husbands should join a community of people going through the same thing. It provides an opportunity to learn from each other and cope with the challenging demands of pregnancy.

Watch this video on the benefits of exercise during pregnancy and reasons you shouldn’t:

5. Avoiding regular mistakes

During pregnancy, the body undergoes various changes, requiring women to be more intentional about what they do so it doesn’t affect their pregnancy. Some of the regular mistakes are skipping meals, anxiety over weight gain, taking unhealthy substances, insufficient sleep, etc.

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Commonly asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the pressing questions that can help you understand how a husband should treat his wife during pregnancy:

  • Is it healthy for husbands to smoke around their pregnant wives?

Smoking is one of the things you must focus on when looking at what husbands should not do during pregnancy, as the unborn child could suffer from various health complications. If husbands want to smoke, it is important to go away from everyone.

  • How can husbands support their pregnant wives with morning sickness?

Husbands can support with morning sickness by encouraging their partners to take sufficient water. Remaining hydrated is a great way to reduce the discomfort that morning sickness brings.

  • What activities should not be done during pregnancy?

It is vital to note that your everyday activities can benefit or harm pregnancy. Some of these activities are drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy meals, excess caffeine, over lifting, rides in amusement parks, etc.

  • What should husbands avoid during pregnancy?

What husbands should not do during pregnancy includes not making insensitive comments, not being physically available, not paying attention to her needs, etc.

  • What are the things a pregnant woman needs from her husband?

Some gifts from husband to pregnant wife include words of affirmation notes, pregnancy pillows, pregnancy journals, support, quality time, etc.

Read this study by the World Health Organization to understand more about Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum, and Newborn Care.


After reading through this article on what husbands should not do during pregnancy, you now have a good idea to learn how to support your pregnant wife. It is essential you learn how to communicate with her and attend regular checkups.

Consider seeking the services of a relationship expert on how best to navigate your marriage during this phase…..See More

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