We’ve Refinery Built By NG And They Want To Destroy It, This Is Why We’ll Revisit The Act–Senator Adams Oshiomhole

According to Punch Newspaper, Former Governor of Edo State, Senator Adams Oshiomhole, on Thursday advocated for the death penalty for economic saboteurs attempting to undermine the operations of Dangote Refinery.

This recommendation was made during his address at the maiden edition of Prof Emeka Umerah’s public lecture in Abuja. Oshiomhole, who represents Edo North in the Senate, emphasized the gravity of the situation, highlighting the critical role the refinery plays in Nigeria’s economic stability and the detrimental impact of such sabotage on the nation’s populace.

In his speech, Oshiomhole revealed that the Nigerian Senate is currently considering a review of the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA). This review aims to address the contentious issues that have emerged since the Act’s implementation, with a particular focus on ensuring that the legislation supports rather than hinders local refinery operations. Oshiomhole’s call for stringent penalties reflects the Senate’s commitment to tackling the economic challenges posed by the obstruction of the refinery’s activities.

The event also featured Dr. Sam Amadi, former Director-General of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, who cautioned against negative attitudes towards national leadership. Dr. Amadi stressed the importance of constructive engagement and support for the country’s development efforts rather than harboring pessimism or wishing for failure. His remarks underscored a broader narrative of collective responsibility and optimism in addressing Nigeria’s economic and infrastructural challenges.

The Dangote Refinery, one of Africa’s largest oil facilities, has been facing significant obstacles in securing local crude oil, a situation exacerbated by alleged sabotage from International Oil Companies (IOCs). Devakumar Edwin, Vice President in charge of Oil and Gas at Dangote Industries Limited, had previously accused IOCs of inflating premiums on local crude, forcing the refinery to seek alternatives from the United States. Despite denials from the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority, Oshiomhole’s support for Dangote’s management signals a push for legislative action to protect national economic interests.

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He said: “Port Harcourt refinery is not working. Every minister has come to set a new date. It is only in Nigeria, you have several birthdays for a person. And then, a new minister comes and says, ‘I have done a review.’ They carry out new tasks and fix a new date. Now we have a refinery built by Nigeria and they want to destroy it. This is why we will revisit the Act and review it……See More


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