We Woke Up One Morning To Hear That An Estate Owned By An Igbo Man Was Demolished, Iwuanyanwu

The President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide, Chief Emmanuel Iwanyanwu, voiced his worry regarding the treatment of Igbo people in Lagos, pointing out instances of closed or demolished markets and threats to the community. He specifically mentioned the demolition of a spiralling estate owned by an Igbo man, Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu (Ikukuoma), in Abuja, stressing that proper legal procedures were not followed during the demolition.

Chief Iwanyanwu urged for an investigation into the incident, requesting relevant details about the estate’s demolition. He also appealed to the President to look into the matter, highlighting his firm stance against the unjust treatment of Igbo individuals and properties and his dedication to seeking justice for those impacted.

In an interview with The Sun, Iwuanyanwu said, “The Igbo were abused and threatened to leave Lagos. Some markets in Lagos State dominated by the Igbo were either closed down or demolished. We woke up one morning In Abuja to hear that a spiralling estate owned by an Igbo man Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu (Ikukuoma) had been demolished. This matter was reported to me. I requested all relevant information regarding the demolition and from my findings, due process of law was not taken before this demolition. We also appeal to Mr. President to investigate this case of demolition of Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu’s estate in Abuja…..Seê Morē

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