US Election: Biden Under Pressure To Withdraw From Presidential Race After Poor Debate Performance

After Thursday’s debate against former President Donald Trump, some Democrats are urging President Joe Biden to withdraw from the presidential race.

As reported by the Punch newspaper, concerns have arisen that Biden, portrayed by Trump and his supporters as unfit for office, may be unelectable in November.

A Democratic lawmaker likened Biden’s performance to a past-prime boxer needing his corner to throw in the towel.

Replacing Biden would be challenging, requiring a significant uprising among Democratic National Convention delegates.

Discussions about an open convention and a new nominee are emerging, despite doubts about the feasibility of replacing Biden and identifying a viable alternative candidate.

David Axelrod, a former adviser to President Obama, expressed shock at Biden’s debate performance, suggesting that only Biden can decide whether to continue his campaign.

Historical parallels are drawn to Lyndon Johnson’s 1968 decision not to seek reelection.

Calls for Biden’s withdrawal are expected to grow, potentially leading to a contentious internal struggle over whether to promote Vice President Kamala Harris.

This conflict could fragment key voter bases, risking party unity. Some strategists argue Biden’s departure is necessary, even at the cost of intra party battles.

Democratic lawmakers and strategists are discreetly reviewing Democratic National Committee rules and procedures, with a growing belief that Biden stepping aside is essential.

Despite Biden’s accomplishments, there is increasing sentiment that a change is needed to avoid losing the election to Trump….See More

Several Democratic officials remain silent on Biden’s debate performance, preferring to avoid public criticism

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