Tragedy Strikes UNIPORT: Promising Student Allegedly Murdered By Boyfriend (Full Story)

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A tragic incident has unfolded at the University of Port Harcourt, as the life of a young and promising student, Justina Otuene, has been cut short. The 300 level Biochemistry student at UNIPORT allegedly fell victim to an unthinkable act committed by her boyfriend, identified as Collins, a 400 level student of Oil and Gas at the same institution.

The incident came to light when photos of the victim, Justina Otuene, began circulating online, sparking outrage and disbelief within the university community and beyond. Justina’s life was abruptly ended in a gruesome manner, allegedly by the very person who was supposed to care for her.

Collins (Photo). 

Collins, the accused boyfriend, was apprehended in the midst of a chilling and horrific act. He was allegedly caught while in the process of disposing of Justina’s lifeless body, and reports indicate that he had carried out disturbing actions such as harvesting her eyes and breasts.

The heart-wrenching tragedy of this incident is compounded by the fact that Justina Otuene had only recently celebrated her birthday on October 14. She was at a stage in her life where her dreams and aspirations were meant to be on the verge of realization. Instead, her life was cruelly snuffed out, leaving her loved ones in mourning and shock.

Justina Otuene (Photo) 

The unfolding of this tragic story began with Justina’s unexplained disappearance, which had raised alarm within the UNIPORT community. Friends and family were left deeply concerned as she remained incommunicado, prompting searches and inquiries into her whereabouts.

The circumstances leading up to this horrific incident remain shrouded in mystery, and investigators are working diligently to uncover the truth. Students, staff, and the local community are seeking answers to the disturbing question of how a loving relationship could lead to such a violent and heinous act.

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The UNIPORT campus is in a state of shock and grief as the news of Justina Otuene’s alleged murder continues to reverberate. Students, professors, and university staff are grappling with the  reality that such a gruesome incident could occur within their own community.

This incident has also elicited widespread condemnation and outrage on social media and among the general public. Many are calling for justice to be served swiftly and for measures to be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of students on campus.

As the investigation into this horrifying incident unfolds, law enforcement agencies are working tirelessly to gather evidence and build a case against the accused, Collins. The legal system will play a crucial role in determining the truth and ensuring that justice is served for the victim, Justina Otuene.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance in relationships and the importance of reporting any signs of violence or danger. It is a somber moment for the University of Port Harcourt, and it underscores the urgency of addressing issues related to safety and awareness within the campus community.

Collins (Photo).

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Justina Otuene as they cope with the devastating loss of a young and promising life. The pursuit of justice for Justina is now in the hands of the legal system, and the world watches with bated breath as this harrowing case unfolds.

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