These Nigerians Were Sent Money By Mistake, Checkout What They Did (Photos)

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What will you do if someone mistakenly sent you N500,000 or N1 million? If you are the honest type you will inform your bank and find all means to return the money. But for some, that money is manner from heaven. They will foolishly withdraw the money and spend every kobo.

Few hours ago, a 45-year-old driver in Ilorin, Kwara State, Adetunji Tunde Oluwasegun was sentenced to two years imprisonment for spending 2 million mistakenly sent to his bank account.

(Adetunji Tunde Oluwasegun)

Apart from Adetunji Tunde, below are other Nigerian who were sent money by mistake.

1. Josephine Nchetaka Chukujama Eze

In August 2020, a lady from Enugu state, Josephine Nchetaka Chukujama Eze, returned the sum of N13,946,400 that was mistakenly credited into her account by a Lagos-based company. Although some Nigerians condemned her honesty for returning the money, her husband, Eze, showered her with praises.

In appreciation of the outstanding honesty she displayed in returning the huge sum of money, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State, rewarded her with a cash of one million naira.

Source: , Kanidaily

2. Zinny Adajiugo Ife Nkili

In May 2017, a beautiful Nigerian lady, Zinny Adajiugo Ife Nkili, showed some Nigerians are honest after returning the sum of N860k that was mistakenly transferred to her bank account.

Source: Legit

3. Sunny Anderson Osiebe

In 2019, a honest man identified as Mr Sunny Anderson Osiebe returned N98 million that was mistakenly credited to his bank account by an Abuja-based company. I salute your honesty!

Source: Legit

3. Orhena Bartholomew

In November 2019, a tailor identified as was sentenced to two years imprisonment for refusing to return N99,000 transferred to him by mistake.

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Source: Legit

Dear readers, when next you are sent money by mistake, don’t rejoice over it.

A true Christian or Muslim don’t rejoice over money which they didn’t work for, but will rather visit the bank for proper investigations about the money. Don’t allow greed send you to prison. Honesty is the best policy.

What will you do if you receive N1 million into your account by mistake? Will you return it? Will you spend it?…………..See More

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