These Nigerian Women Cut Off The Private Part Of Their Husbands, Checkout Their Reasons

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There is an old proverb which says ‘When you let anger get the best of you it brings out the worst in you.

Anger and jealousy are very strong emotions and when a lady can’t put it control, it often leads to disaster. Below are 3 Nigerian women who brutally cut off their husband’s private part.

1. Halima Aliyu 

In July 2020, a 20-year-old woman identified as Halima Aliyu was arrested in Taraba State for drugging her husband and cutting his manhood with a knife. Luckily, her husband didn’t die but sustained serious injuries.

According to Halima she committed the evil act because her husband was unfaithful in their marriage. She was charged to court for attempted homicide.


2. Janet Ekpe

In May 2020, an 8 year old marriage that as produced 2 children ended in a tragic manner in Nasarawa State.


According to reports, a 33 year old woman identified as Janet Ekpe poisoned her husband to death and cut off his manhood. Her reason was that her husband was dating her best friend.

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3. Udeme Otike-Odibi

In May 2018, a 47-year-old woman, Udeme Odibi was arrested for stabbing her husband to death and cutting off his manhood.

After much interrogations, Mrs. Udeme Odibi confessed to killing her husband, and cutting off his manhood, after suspecting him of having an extra-marital affair.


Mrs Udeme Odibi is is currently an awaiting-trial inmate at Kirikiri Prison. She faces the death sentence if convicted.

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You will agree with me that uncontrolled anger and jealousy brought destruction upon these women. One minute of an uncontrolled anger can make you do regrettable things.

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This should serve as a warning to every women out there who get gets too jealousy and to women who can’t control their angry.


Ladies, do you support these women for cutting off their husbands manhood for being unfaithful?………..See More

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