These Nigerian Policemen Have Never Collected Bribes (See Their Faces)

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Police is you friend’ is a common saying you sight immediately whenever you set foot in a Police station in Nigeria. However it’s extremely rare to see a Nigerian who trust the police.

Collecting bribe and police brutality is what most people have experienced with the Nigeria Police Force.

Today, We takes a look at three police men who can change your perception of the of the Nigerian Police.

These men are scandal free and have never collected bribes!

1. Julius Adewale Adedeji

In May 2018, Julius Adewale Adedeji, the Superintendent of Police, State Intelligence Bureau, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti state, received the Human Rights Personality Award from the U.S. Embassy.

Adewale Adedeji was said to have never taken a bribe, and he was celebrated as Nigeria’s most dedicated police officer.

In an interview with BBC, Adewale said, “I was just performing my duty. I didn’t know I was being watched.

2. Francis Erhabor

The Divisional Police Officer, Itam, Akwa Ibom State Police Command, Francis Erhabor, is another Nigerian police officer that can change your perception of the Nigerian police.

According to reports, Francis Erhabor rejected a 6 million naira bribe from oil bunkering while serving in his native Edo state at a time where his monthly salary was just N37,500.

Francis Erhabor has never taken a bribe in his 30 years of active service.His good name has earned him lots of awards and recognition.

3. Kenneth Nwosu

So many people can think it’s impossible to see an Igbo man who is a good police officer. But that’s not true. Igbo people are one of the most trustworthy tribes in Nigeria and that quality can been seen in Kenneth Nwosu.

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In May 2018, Kenneth Nwosu also received the Human Rights Personality Award from the U.S. Embassy. He is one of the few Nigerian police officers who have never collected a bribe.

So there you have it! In the midst of bad apples, good ones sometimes can be found……………See More 

What’s your take on this? Do you trust the Nigerian police?

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