These Are Belgians Reading The Holy Bible Before Hanging And Killing A 7 Year Old Black Child

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The picture photo above has been shared on the web which shows Belgians preparing to take away the life of a dark boy in the Congo.

The posts shows a dark child remaining on a stand, accumulated by white men holding a rope. History says that the picture shows Belgians preparing to take the life of this child in Congo in 1908.

See the picture underneath: 

The caption says: “This is in 1908. Belgians reading the Bible prior to hang a 7 years of age boy in Congo under King Leopold. The kid was hanged on the grounds that his dad didn’t deliver enough wheat for the colonialists.”

As per research from 1885 to 1908, the country as of now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo was known as the Congo Free State. Under the norm of King Leopold II of Belgium, exclusive organizations were without offered rein to isolate the country’s rich typical resources.

Colonialists submitted a lot of recorded harms against the Congolese people during this period, including the passing of laborers who would not meet their creation divides for stock.

After a worldwide protest, the Belgian parliament projected a polling form to add-on the area as a settlement, completing Leopold’s own norm over it. The Belgian Congo remained a Belgian territory until opportunity in 1960. After at that point, they carried on with a free life.

Do you think what the Colonialists did to the Boy and Father was the Right thing?……….See More

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