Supreme Court Prohibits Governors From Dissolving Local Government Councils

In a landmark decision on Thursday, the Supreme Court of Nigeria ruled that governors cannot dissolve democratically elected local government councils. This ruling addresses a longstanding practice that the court determined violates the 1999 Constitution.

Justice Emmanuel Agim, who delivered the judgment, emphasized that the actions of the governors constitute a breach of constitutional provisions designed to protect the autonomy of local governments. The ruling marks a significant victory for local governance, underscoring the importance of maintaining elected local councils free from arbitrary state interference.

The Supreme Court criticized the governors for their persistent refusal to grant autonomy to local governments, a stance that has undermined local governance for decades. The court’s decision mandates that governors must respect the democratic process and uphold the independence of local councils as enshrined in the constitution.

The ruling also highlighted that the efforts by the governors to defend their actions in court were futile, as their arguments failed to align with constitutional mandates. This decision reinforces the judiciary’s role in safeguarding democratic principles and ensuring that local governments operate without undue interference from state authorities……See_More

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