Story Of How Eight Men Were Identified In Iran’s Women football Squad (See Photo)

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This a true life story that happen in the history of football.

It occurred in the year 2015 sport lovers around the world where shocked on the news they received and what they saw with their eyes.

8 of the players, playing for Iran national female team are male by s£x genders which is very Wrong.

On a normal note men are more stronger than females in terms of force, ability, speed and is also a cheating in the history of football is never allowed.

It was reported that sport’s federation gave an order for all Iran female nation team and also the leagues should be tested to check out their genders if the rumors on ground is actually truth.

Few days after it was confirmed inside the team their where 8 men in the national team playing for the female national team and it was reported these men are already processing for an operation that will change their gender making them look like female is called “s£x swap operation.

This not the first time Iran national team have been reported for such incidents, even in 2010 4 of their players in the female national team where caught up and identify as male gender not female which is very wrong.

But recently the government move in full action to test all female national team to truly know the gender before proceeding for any match or representing the country in any activities in the world………..See More

Check Out Records Held By The Nigerian National Team

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