Seun Kuti Criticizes Men Of God For Using Church To Fulfill Personal Desires, Drawing Parallels To TB Joshua In Response To BBC Documentary (Video)

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Seun Kuti has reacted to the incriminating BBC documentary that alleges late prophet TB Joshua was guilty of s*xual misconduct and abuse.

Seun said in a video that TB Joshua is not different from many other pastors. He told church goers not to deceive themselves into thinking their pastors are not as guilty as TB Joshua.

Seun said many men of God open church mainly to have s*x with women.

He added that this is why he admires his late father, Fela Kuti.

He said his father was a priest and loves s*x openly. He added that his father didn’t hide it, like pastors do.

“Why you men are wicked is because you want to fuck and still be claiming sainthood,” Seun said.

“You want to be f***ing and be telling everybody else not to f***. That’s your problem, it’s your hypocrisy,” he added.

He also said TB Joshua has never performed a single miracle and this was obvious.

He continued: “If you have to watch this documentary to know that TBJ has never performed any miracle in his life, then you deserve to be TBJed,” he said.

Seun said TBJ should now be a term used for defining the rape and abuse of a woman.

He added that “no pastor anywhere in this country has ever performed any miracle in their life” and any woman who believes pastors deserves to be “TBJed”.

“So you believe say, somebody wey don cripple, somebody can make am stand up and walk?” he queried.

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