See Photos Of Nollywood Stars Taken A Few Days Before They Died

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Ecclesiastes 3:20 “All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again”

We often admire Nigerian celebrities for their fame and fortune, but we forget that they are also human beings who face the same fate as everyone else.

No matter how luxurious their lives may seem, they cannot escape the inevitable end that awaits them all.

In this article, we pay tribute to some of the icons in film who left us too soon. Here are the photos they took shortly before they departed from this world.

1. Bisi Kolamofe (26 years old)

This was the final photo of Bisi Kolamofe, who died in 2012 due to pregnancy complications. She was lying on a hospital bed, hoping for a miracle that never came.

2. Muna Obiekwe (36 years old)

Muna Obiekwe battled with kidney problems for a long time, but he lost the fight in 2015 . This photo was taken in India, where he was receiving treatment. His death was a huge shock to Nollywood.

3. Bukky Ajayi. (82 years)

These were some of the last photos of Bukky Ajayi, who passed away in 2016. She was very close to Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede, who called her grandmother. Bukky Ajayi was a legend in the industry.

4. Prince James Uche ( Age unknown)

These photos of Prince James Uche were taken in 2017, and they were among the last ones he ever took. Prince James Uche died on the 8th of March 2017. He suffered from diabetes, blindness, high blood pressure and kidney failure.

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5. Alabi Yellow (62 years old)

This was one of the last photos of veteran actor, Samuel AlabiOludayo Akinpelu, popularly known as Alabi Yellow. He died in 2019 in his home in Ikorodu, Lagos.

6. Olumide Bakere (63 years)

The last photo of Olumide Bakere was taken at the hospital. Bakare died in April 2017 in Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria due to a heart and lung disease.

7. Peter Eneh (68 years) 

This was the last known picture of Peter Eneh. He was sitting at the hospital where he was undergoing treatment. Pete Eneh died in November 2012 after one of his legs was amputated.

8. Elebuwa. (65 years old)

These were some of the last phoEnebelitos of veteran actor, Enebuli Elebuwa. He was smiling on his hospital bed in New Delhi, India. He took pictures with friends and loved ones before he succumbed to stroke in 2015.

These photos of Nollywood stars remind us that life is precious and death is certain, so we should live it to the fullest while we can.

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