Remember The Lady With Four Legs And Two Private Organs? She Got Married At 19 And Had Children

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Today we’ll be discussing a woman who set the world on fire several years ago by having a tremendous body. Her entrance into the world was unexpected, shocking the world when she came in with four legs and two private parts.

Her date of birth was May 12, 1868, and her date of death was May 6, 1928. Josephine Myrtle Corbin had the intriguing name of Myrtle. She was an American sideshow performer who was born with dipygus. She had two pelvises: one in front and one in back, side by side from the waist down.


Her outer leg was paired with an inner leg of the same size. She was said to have the strength to drive but not the durability to walk.

Her illness didn’t prevent her from getting married when she was still young. By the time she was 19, she was already married to James Clinton Bicknell, who she had four daughters and a son with.

While the condition was still developing, Dr. Lewis Whaley, the doctor who discovered her condition, discovered that her reproductive organs had mirror image duplications on the outside as well as the inside.


The medical professional informed Mr. Jones that Mrs. B. was found to be pregnant in her left uterus. Shown in the photo below, she and her daughter, along with her husband, are present………..See More

For 25 Years He Hid In A Cave – When He Exposes What Was Inside, Millions Of People Were Amazed

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