Reasons Why Cybercrimes Have Gained More Popularity in Nigeria

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The Nigeria government is still fighting cyber crimes with all their possible best, but it seems that the more they are fighting this internet fraud, people called they keep adding.

It comes to my senses that arresting cyber crimes officials might not be the best way to reduce cyber crime in Nigeria. As we speak at the moment, Internet cyber crimes are one of the major problems in some part of Africa and it is damaging the country’s values and looking outside. Some people even see Africans as scammers even without trying to know them, this is very bad.

Here Are 4 Reasons People Go Into Cyber Crimes Called Yahoo. 

1. Fast Money

Some of our today’s youth want fast money. They don’t believe in hard work. You see, a 15-year-old boy wants to drive the best cars or be a billionaire without working for it.

As far as young people keep having this type of mindset, it will be very difficult to reduce cyber crime in Nigeria, it is not all about arresting them, it is about the mindset.

2. Friends.

Friends can pressure their circle negatively. You see a 22-year-old boy without a job but doing well or driving the best cars and living a good life, such a thing can trigger his friends or circle to start asking questions. It is very easy to get carried away when you see a good life or flashy lifestyles. You will see people flocking around the young well-to-do man or boy and start asking for an update or a fast way to make money.

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3. Society.

The society can build the youth negatively or a positively this is where the leadership comes in. A country that is not doing well can make people or youth living in such a country start thinking negative or fast ways to make money. A country where nobody can become somebody is a risky one for the youths because they have already lost hope in the country they believe making it must be illegal, or they have to go outside the country before they can make it in life. Such people don’t believe in their self again and their country, and such orientations are very bad for the youths and can push them to go into cyber crimes.

4. Frustration.

Research shows more than 40% of youths living in Africa are depressed. Some find it hard to eat 3 times a day or have means of $1 income per day. Such things can make youth frustrated and start looking for a way to make fast money, be it illegal or not, they don’t care, all they want to make is money.

What The Government Needs To do To Reduce Cyber Crimes. 

Africans, mostly Nigerians, have been arresting cyber crimes since the year 2000, but it seems as if they are not reducing, instead, more people are coming into the business. What should the government do?

Arresting these people won’t end cyber crimes because the more you keep arresting them, the more young boys and girls are still coming in because they don’t have any other legal way to make money with also family and friend pressure.

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In my opinion, here are a few things the government can do to reduce cyber crime in Nigeria.

1. Provide Jobs For The Youths.


It is not about arresting Nigeria youths are hard-working, that why some of them do well or develop themselves when they go outside the country or a developed countries with a very good economy.

Provide jobs for the youths. Many youths in Nigeria from the age of 17-26 can’t boast of $1 per day, and there is no channel for them to make this money. The government can create jobs, be it offline or on-line, no matter how small, empowering the youth will boast the economy greatly. If 70% of Nigeria youth can get a boast of only $1 per day, they won’t like going into cyber crime. Many of them don’t like what they are doing, but they have no choice.

2. Youth Orientation Programs.


The government needs to provide youths a positive orientation that after creating jobs for the youths, it is time to talk sense into them. Let them understand the harm of cyber crimes in Nigeria or Africa and how the world sees us, tell them about the negative impact of cyber crimes in our society and country at large.

Let them know nothing gives peace of mind like the money you work for. You will make good use of money you worked for, then illegal money or wealth. Sending them to jails or prisons won’t fully help reduce cyber crimes, it will only make it worse. You have to work on a positive platform for the youths to see there are many good ways to make money, you don’t have to scam anyone to become rich. Nigeria’s youths should have the mindset that nobody can become somebody. You don’t need to have connections or have a rich daddy, uncle, aunty before getting a job or appointments.


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With all this mindset, the youths will start having hope and believe once more in themselves and the country at large. This act will make the youths reduce cyber crimes activities. Sometimes issues like this you don’t have to use force, all you have to do is to fix the country and see things work again……..See More

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