Photos: Meet 10 Gallant Nigerian Women Serving In The US Military And Their State Of Origin

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When it comes to talents and brains, Nigerians are one of the best in the world. This is no exaggeration!! Whether it’s medicine, engineering or military, there is no field in this world where Nigerians have not made their marks.

It doesn’t matter if the government of day is not living up to our expectation or we are living in hunger; two things that hardship cannot steal from us is our intelligence and resilience. These qualities have earned us spot in high places like serving in the U.S military.

In the US Military it doesn’t matter whether you lived in floating slums like Makoko in Lagos or what ethnicity you are. It’s open to all who have the intelligence and strength.


Serving in the US military is not an easy task. and there is nothing that makes us feel proud than seeing Nigerian women doing well in the the US military.

In this article we will be taking a look at 10 Gallant Nigerian women who are currently serving in the US Military and doing great in their respective units.

1. Esosa Ogbebor ( Edo State)

21-years-old Esosa Omolola Ogbebor is a Nigerian-American US soldier. Her mom is from Kwara state while her dad is from Edo State.

Esosa who was born in the United States (Washington DC) moved to Nigeria at the age of 4 but returned to the U.S at the age of 7.

2. Halima Hussein 

Halima Hussein is among the few northern Nigerian women are making this nation proud. She currently serves in the United States military.

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3. Ruth Imonina (Delta State)

Ruth Imonina was born in Delta State, Nigeria but today she’s one of the most intelligent women in the US military. In September 2020, she was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant of the US Marines. See more of her photos below:

4. Shamsiyya Jibo (Kano State)

Shamsiyya Jibo is a beautiful muslim lady serving in the united state army. She From Kano and graduated from the prestigious Bayero University Kano. Shamsiya Jibo is well trained in the use of Sniper in the US Army. Check out more of her photos below.

5. Omolola Lawson

Omolola Lawson has been enlisted in the United States Military since 2016. According to reports, the beautiful lady raised in Nigeria and she studied in Lagos State before migrating to America.

6. Awoyemi Deborah Johnson

Awoyemi Deborah Johnson once won the Miss Royal Crown while attending Royal Crown Comprehensive High School in Iju Ishaga, Lagos. Today, she’s in the US military and she’s doing great.

7. Oluwatobi Al-Bakare

Oluwatobi Al-Bakare was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant of the United States Army in 2019.

8. Praise Onabanjo 

Praise Onabanjo is a tall, dark skinned and intelligent Yoruba lady currently serving in the the United States of America Military.

9. Omobolaji Adetunmbi

The beautiful Omobolaji Adetunmbi is proud Nigerian woman serving the US military. She is among the enviable pool of Yoruba women who are making Nigeira proud.

10. Omas Augusta Shaka ( Delta State)

Omas Augusta Shaka is a beautiful, godly and intelligent women from Warri, Delta State currently serving in the US Military.

According Omas Augusta Shaka, her parents died when she was 18 years old but she pushed her way through the university and migrated to America with no help from anyone accept God.

These women should be celebrated for their bravery and standing as a beacon of hope and light for the girl child.

With the intelligence, experience and training, these women have do you think they can proffer solutions that will end security issue’s in Nigeria?……...See More 

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