Our Parents Want Us To Marry But They Don’t Want Us To Have Boyfriend” – Muslim Lady Fries Out

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A Muslim woman with the username, @Maryerm_a_y on Twitter, has shouted out as a result of the manner in which parent’s don’t allow their girls to have boyfriend but anticipate them to get married.

You know there are various types of parents in this world. A few parent’s are liberal thus give their little girls which are over 18 years, the opportunity to have relationship with the other gender, while a few guardians are extremely prohibitive, they would even prefer not to focus on any kid with their girls.

Actually our parent’s are not perfect in light of the fact that they are people. It is just God that can be perfect. The demonstration of guardians confining their girls from having boyfriend may not be the best, yet young ladies need to comprehend that they are not doing so due to mischievousness or contempt, rather they are doing it because of adoration. They need to shield their little girls and keep them from committing errors – like getting pregnant with only one parent present, which may carry disgrace to the family.

Whatever the case is – regardless of whether your parents are exacting or liberal, kids should regard and comply with their parents particularly when living under their rooftop.

@Maryerm_a_y , said that parent’s need their girls to get married however they don’t need them to have boyfriend

“Our parent’s need us to wed however they don’t need us to have boyfriend” she said.

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