Our Federal Laws Demonstrate That Cows Do Not Have The Freedom To Roam For Grazing – SAN

Speaking on Arise TV, Michael Aondoakaa SAN, Nigeria’s former Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, set the record straight on cow grazing rights in Nigeria. He pointed out, “Cows don’t have the freedom to roam for grazing like many think.” Aondoakaa emphasized, “Our federal laws, especially the Quarantine Act, tightly control how cows move.” He explained, “Before cows can be transported or brought into Nigeria, they must go through quarantine.”

“The Quarantine Act, part of our federal laws, aims to prevent diseases and keep our health standards high by regulating how livestock moves,” Aondoakaa clarified. He stressed, “It’s crucial we follow these rules to protect both our farming and public health.” Aondoakaa highlighted, “Misunderstandings about our livestock laws fuel the idea that cows can roam freely.”

Aondoakaa aimed “to educate people on our laws about moving cows and stress why it’s vital we stick to these rules.” His direct words aimed to clear up confusion on this issue, showing its impact on our farming and public health in Nigeria…..See More 

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