Opinion: Inflation Hits Nigeria By 33%—Things Are Getting Worse, and It Seems Nigerians Are Now Missing The Buhari Administration

Nigeria is currently experiencing its worst inflationary period in a generation, with many struggling to access basic necessities like food. Some individuals are finding it challenging to eat even once a day, a far cry from the standard three meals a day that was once a normal routine.

The situation is dire, with Nigeria joining the ranks of African countries that nostalgically look back to past leaders, wondering what went wrong.

Each change in leadership, from Obasanjo to Tinubu, has brought more hardship and difficulty. Most Nigerians, given the chance, would opt for Buhari’s tenure, despite its challenges, as the current situation is unprecedented.

The economic crisis has affected every aspect of life, with high inflation hitting hard on school fees, food prices, and basic goods and services.

Many Nigerians who own cars can no longer afford to fuel them, and it’s become challenging for families to put food on the table.

The question on everyone’s mind is, what’s happening? Will Nigeria continue to miss its past leaders? When will things get better? The country’s continued struggle has left many wondering if they will ever experience economic stability again.

As the situation worsens, Nigerians are left to ponder the future of their nation. Will the government find a solution to the economic crisis, or will the country continue to suffer? The answer remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: Nigeria needs urgent action to address its economic woes and provide relief to its struggling citizens…..See More

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