OAP Dotun Condemns Use Of Kids In Conflicts, Criticizes Tee Billz For Targeting Davido Through His Child

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Media personality, Dotun has taken a swipe at artiste manager, Tee Billz for trolling superstar singer Davido using his child, Imade.

Dotun stated that using kids to fight someone is barbaric and it is only a useless person or family that uses children or a child a tool to get back at anyone.

He wrote;

“Leave the kids out
• it’s your FIGHT not theirs
• Fighting someone using the kids is Barbaric
• stop enabling using kids as weapons
• It’s a useless person or family that uses children or a child a tool to get back at anyone
• you will eventually push people to their limit when you do that
• Take a child from a Father or Mother, it never ends well
Warning: say nonsense on this post and I am ready to take your father and mother to the cleaners.. be warned”

Fighting someone using kids is barbaric – OAP Dotun tackles Tee Billz for trolling Davido using his child

In tweets he also shared, Dotun accused Tee Billz of enabling cruelty and further asked him to leave kids out of his fight with Davido. He added that when someone baits another with their kids, they always get the worst reaction out of it.

Dotun tweeted;

“When you bait a man or woman with children, you will get the worst reaction out of it. Tee Billz I might agree with everything else you said but saying someone should be ashamed of himself cos he hasn’t seen his child for two Christmas” means what? I am Challenging this. Why paint a Father who wants to be in his child’s life a “Deadbeat” Dad? I as an example; Do you know what i have been through dealing with the level of garbage & fuckery perpetuated by a bunch of dirty people who feel the only way to get at me is using my kids?

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“Listen it’s okay to fight or not fight at all. if it will take your life or it takes away your peace, fight or choose yourself.’ Dont be mad at someone for walking away or choosing to fight differently.

“Be mad on how someone chooses to fight you but never test a man with his kids. U are here defending your own cos that’s your blood. What do you think you will do if you were in his shoes?

“In the real sense, why is it okay to bait with a child? You might have a different arrangement with your partner but thats cos she is a good woman hence you were given unfettered access against all odds not cos you did something special than anyone. I did everything right but what was the result? Stop enabling using kids as a tool to fight. Why can t it be the dad giving conditions? on a child.

“A CHILD IS FOR TWO PEOPLE NOT ONE. Why must it be okay that the mother is the only person that have a right to a child? For example: You think I don’t want to see my kids or share my time wit them but why is it okay for someone to use a child as a weapon?

“ITS COS of narratives like this that enables such cruelty. Why do you need to beg someone for a Father to have access to his child? Defend whoever but stop enabling “a pure act of evil” perpetrated by many people these days. Leave the children out. Children have rights too.”

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