Nollywood Actresses Who Gave Birth In Their 40’s And Proved That It’s Never Too Late To Be A Mother

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We are all well aware that labor is painful because of the abundance of childbirth scenes in Nollywood movies. What most people don’t realize is that infertility is painful as well. It isn’t the kind of pain that makes you scream. It’s deep, quiet, and slow. It’s a different type of pain.

What are the pains of Infertility?

It’s when a woman throws another failed pregnancy test in the trash and sobs on the bathroom floor. It’s when a woman hears Simi’s Duduke and crosses her arms over her stomach, praying for life to grow. It’s when someone approaches a woman and says, “Isn’t it time you became a mother?” But she responds with a smile, hiding her pain.

I want to encourage every woman who is hoping and praying for a child that it is never too late to become a mother. Continue reading to be inspired by these Nollywood actresses who defied the odds by giving birth after the age of 40.

1. Funke Akindele

Image credit: Instagram

At the age of 41, award-winning actress Funke Akindele became a first-time mommy in December 2018. With her husband Abdulrasheed Bello, she gave birth to twin sons in the United States.

Image Credit: Lindaikejisblog

Even though she has yet to reveal the faces of her children, I am sure that they will be as adorable as their parents.

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2. Sandra Achums

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Sandra Achums, a veteran actress, welcomed a son in 2017 in Germany, where she resides with her husband and children, at the age of 45. Her son’s name is Ryan, and he’s turning into a handsome young man.

Image credit: Instagram

Image credit: Instagram

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3. Ronke Odusanya

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Ronke Odusanya received her daughter, Fife, in August 2019 at the age of 46. FIfe will be 2 years old this year and has a striking resemblance with her mother.

Image credit: Instagram

Image credit: Instagram

I want to remind every woman who is going through infertility that God is always there for her. During the sleepless night, he is near to you. He notices every tear that falls silently. He is present in the middle of all of these seemingly gloomy and lonely situations. Don’t lose faith in God!……..See More

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