No Region Is Confident Enough To Trust The SE, The Fear Of Igboman Is What Is Keeping Us–Sidney Dike

According to the report from the Sun, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Sidney Dike addressed the lack of trust in the Southeast region, particularly concerning the Igbo people, which has become a significant barrier to progress. He argued that whenever an Igbo individual begins to gain prominence, alliances are disrupted to prevent their rise to power.

Referencing the military sphere, he cited the example of General Ihejirika Onyeabo, who recently became the Chief of Army Staff, suggesting that Igbo representation in high-ranking positions has been limited.

He described the fear of the Igbo as misguided and unfounded, asserting that this community poses no threat to the nation.

He said, “No region is confident enough to trust the Southeast vis avis the Igboman. So, the fear of the Igboman is what is keeping us like this. Once an Igboman is beginning to emerge, they find a way to truncate the alliance. Even in the military, was it not just yesterday that General Ihejirika Onyeabo managed to become the Chief of Army Staff? This fear of the Igboman is misguided because the Igboman will not do anything. Agreed that the Igbo says when snake bites you when you see rope you run but the Igboman is not wanting to do anything, they should stop holding them down for this country to progress……..See More

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