Nigerian Celebrities Who Are In Good Terms With Their Exes and Proved That An Ex Is Not An Enemy

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Would it be okay for you to keep in touch with an ex-partner? When some couples split up, they insult themselves and vow they would never see each other again. Some people, on the other hand, can remain friends for the rest of their lives, valuing friendship over romance.

We all know that if Tonto Dikeh and her ex-husband were put in the same room right now, all hell would break loose, but some celebrities have managed to stay on good terms with their ex-partners after their breakup.

1. Tiwa Savage

Image Credit: Instagram

Teebillz and Tiwa Savage had a rough breakup in 2016, but they appear to have moved on. In December 2020, Tiwa and Teebillz reunited in Dubai to spend time with their son.

Image Credit: Instagram

Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz flanked their son on his left and right sides, softly kissing each side of his cheeks in matching outfits.

2. Sophia Momodu

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The relationship between Sophia and Davido started in 2015. Everything seemed to be going well between them at first, and they appeared to be on their way to marrying each other, but they ended up breaking up.

Image Credit: Instagram

Even though Davido broke up with her while she was pregnant with Imade, Sophie does not appear to carry any grievances towards him, as the two regularly hang out with their daughter.

Image Credit: Instagram

3. Caroline Danjuma

Image Credit: Lindaikejisblog

Caroline and Musa Danjuma have remained good friends, maybe because of their three children. Caroline recently received a limited edition Christian Dior purse as a birthday present from Musa Danjuma.

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Christian Dior purse

Image Credit: Lindaikejisblog

4. Somadina Adinma

Image Credit: Instagram

So many people assumed Somadina would hate Regina Daniels for leaving him to marry a billionaire. Somadina, on the other hand, has handled it with maturity and remains Regina Daniels’ friend.


When Regina Daniels and Somadina are together, they are always in a happy mood and would have formed a great couple. Regina Daniels, on the other hand, never wanted that because she is already a mother and married to the love of her life.

Image Credit: Instagram

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