Muslim-Muslim Ticket: I’ve Been Vindicated, And Things Exposed In Their Quest To Grab Power–Babachir Lawal

According to a report by The Sun, Babachir Lawal, the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, recently shared his thoughts on President Bola Tinubu’s first year in office and other significant matters during an interview on Arise Television. Lawal, who once maintained a close friendship and alliance with Tinubu, chose to support Peter Obi in the presidential election, a move that sparked curiosity about whether it was fueled by a sense of defeat.

Lawal clarified that his support for Obi was not driven by personal ambition or feelings of loss. He emphasized that if his primary goal had been to secure power, he could have effectively obstructed Tinubu’s candidacy. Instead, Lawal asserted that his choice to back Obi was based on principled reasoning, a stance he feels has been validated by subsequent events. He specifically highlighted the issues he foresaw, particularly the controversy surrounding the Muslim-Muslim ticket, which have since come to fruition, reinforcing his decision.

Reflecting on the broader outcomes of the election, Lawal discussed how the process and the actions taken by Tinubu’s administration have exposed both the strengths and weaknesses within various segments of Nigerian society. He contended that the ruling party’s recognition of their inability to secure a victory in a free and fair election led to questionable tactics, raising significant concerns about the integrity of the electoral process. Lawal’s remarks bring to light ongoing debates about the legitimacy and implications of the current administration’s approach to governance and electioneering in Nigeria.

In his own words, Lawal said: “If I was interested in power, I would have stopped the Tinubu ticket. So don’t consider that we lost, in fact, even the reasons why I took the position that I took, I was confident that I have been justified for the I position I took because all I said happened even with the Muslim- Muslim ticket. So I have been vindicated and other things have been exposed in the process of their quest to grab power, as he said run with it; it has exposed the strengths or weaknesses of the various segments of the Nigerian society. It was the fact that they knew they were not going to win in a free and fair election that had to go wrong…..See More

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