Military Breakthrough As Troops Arrest IPOB/ESN Perpetrators Behind Killing of Soldiers in Abia Raid

Troops operating in the southeast region of Nigeria have achieved a significant breakthrough by arresting the perpetrators responsible for the deaths of five soldiers in Abia State.

This operation was carried out during a raid on hideouts belonging to the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra/Eastern Security Network (IPOB/ESN) fighters in Abia State.

The Director of Defence Media Operations, Maj-Gen Edward Buba, made the announcement during a press briefing on Thursday, June 13.

The incident leading to the soldiers’ deaths occurred when some gunmen attacked and killed five soldiers in Aba on 30 May.

These gunmen were reportedly enforcing a sit-at-home order issued by IPOB in commemoration of the annual Biafra Day celebration.

In response to these attacks, intelligence-based operations were conducted, resulting in the discovery and elimination of several IPOB/ESN camps across the South East region, including the Igboro forest in Arochukwu, known for sheltering IPOB/ESN fighters.

Maj-Gen Edward Buba emphasized that the arrested IPOB fighters have been providing valuable assistance in locating other camps and individuals linked to the outlawed group.

He also highlighted the military’s continued efforts in maintaining pressure on these terrorist groups, ensuring they have no respite and taking the fight directly to the enemy.

According to The Nation, Maj-Gen. Buba said, “We have sustained the momentum against the terrorist and their cohorts which is crucial to military operations and it is the reason we take the fight to the enemy and allow them no respite.

“Our operations are based on focusing on our war efforts, mobilization, and air strikes on terrorists. The combination of these efforts has resulted in several achievements on the battlefield…..See More 

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