Meet The Woman Living With Two Big Tigers In Her Home, She Feeds Them With Raw Meat (Photos)

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This days many people keep wild animals as pet such as wolf, loin, snake, tiger, monkey etc.

I will be dropping a story about a woman name Janice Haley who keep tiger as pet and train them with raw meet She reside at Florida.

Yes she have two big tigers male and female and she can’t wait for them to give birth so she have many tigers as possible in her home.

The shocking thing she feed them with raw meet without them hurting her at all they take her as one among the family. She said she love tigers as pet and they love her very much also.

On an Interview she said tigers are not dangerous the way people think. they are lovely animals and she see them like dogs and she’s 100% sure they can’t harm her.

what your say About this? is it good to train wild animals at home as pet………..See More

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